History of Guest House Ishiyama

About Guest House Ishiyama

Guest House Ishiyama has started off in 1987 as student housing.
One of the good thing about student housing is that you always have “connection with people” here in Ishiyama. When you are not feeling well, or in trouble, or come across with any other obstacles, there is a place to go as you have “connection with people” here in Ishiyama. AtIshiyama, one need not have to worry about food nutrition, which tends to be the issue if you live alone, or worry about not being able to collect the parcels because of one’s absence, or worry about anyone knocking on your doors for sales. If you are interested about us, you can always inquire by calling us, but because we value “connection with people”, we strongly encourage you to visit us. Ishiyama is an easy access from Kyushu Sangyo University and Kyushu ZokeiTanki University.



We are pleased to welcome you and make your stay pleasant.

Ever since we started the dormitory, we had watched over many students from Germany and Korea graduating from the college.
Then the students, now working in various fields, such as electric company, marine company, government, drop by to visit us, and that is when we are most happy. Our hospitality is to provide you with the environment you can concentrate on your study.



Address of Ishiyama

Guest House Ishiyama

7-13-10 Tonoharu, Fukuoka, Higashi-ku, Fukuoka Prefecture


Please feel free to inquire
TEL 092 661 5444